For brands.

We work
 For brands.
So they look, mean and evolve.

We are a small, independent branding studio from Poland. For over 8 years we have been making brands visible, internationally.

We design how brands look. From print to online. Comprehensively. We adore solutions that are simple and intriguing in every detail.

Our projects have been awarded by Logo Lounge, Behance Network, Brand New, Computer Arts, Brand!, The Dieline, Magic Branding, Fubiz, 2+3D, Print Control and many more.

We are partner of the Swiss design consultancy group VVS.

Bielniki 3/25, 61-555 Poznań

3 Rue de l’Evéché, 1204 Geneva

(+48) 793 338 000


Tołpa thinks that happiness is a combination of small but smart decisions. They call it “small, great care”.

We think that branding is a combination of small but smart visual and verbal elements. We just haven’t named it yet.

We have designed a new logotype that was meant to communicate the series and the line of cosmetics.

But what’s even more important – to further develop along with the brand architecture.

Someone might say that the appearance is not the most important thing in the world.

But Tołpa believes that the way we feel everyday has an impact on our lives.

Tołpa’s philosophy and the way how frankly they talk about themselves and their cosmetics, has inspired us from the very beginning to work on their new brand image.

Its lifting and refreshment was not enough, we needed to start from scratch and develop the entire image in such a way that the visual and verbal communication made one and cohesive whole.

We worked closely with tołpa’s in-house team taking them on a journey through a concept, refinement, design and production details.

So the work could continue being carried out internally.

Within many months of our cooperation with tołpa, we have developed more than 100 different packages and labels for their cosmetics.

The complex visual identification of the tołpa brand, have been topped with an extensive and detailed CI book.