For brands.

We work
 For brands.
So they look, mean and evolve.

We are a small, independent branding studio from Poland. For over 8 years we have been making brands visible, internationally.

We design how brands look. From print to online. Comprehensively. We adore solutions that are simple and intriguing in every detail.

Our projects have been awarded by Logo Lounge, Behance Network, Brand New, Computer Arts, Brand!, The Dieline, Magic Branding, Fubiz, 2+3D, Print Control and many more.

We are partner of the Swiss design consultancy group VVS.

Bielniki 3/25, 61-555 Poznań

3 Rue de l’Evéché, 1204 Geneva

(+48) 793 338 000


Founded in 2008, Heavens seeks to promote and propel “Swissness” to the heights of the fashion and luxury world.

Our aim was to bring the timelessness, quality and contemporary look to their identity.

The origin of the name reflects the many blended plurilingual cultures spread over 26 counties of Switzerland, having joined together over 7 centuries, hence its rich and peaceful attributes.

We knew we had to focus on the 7 letters of the name and create classic, elegant typography, which can last years, if not decades.

Heavens is renowned for using the finest materials to provide a comfortable and relaxed mood for a contemporary woman seeking a luxurious touch.

The printed matter had to match this attitude in every detail.


Account Executive: Stephane Melan, VVS Group.
Brand Design & Art Direction: Marcin Kaczmarek, For brands.
Campaign Photography: Karol Wysmyk.